Sunday, April 18, 2010

addiction is delicious

i think i have a problem...... i might be addicted to food.
this became apparent when i read an interview with Thierry Galichet when he was talking about dieting so that he could eat more when he when on holiday. i totally agreed with this idea. i also realised that i am sightly more excited about looking at kitchen ware than clothes, this happened today when i went to david jones after work to pick something up. however, this maybe attributed to the fact that i was not feeling very attractive and did not want to further let myself down by seeing my own reflection in some highly unflattering mirror under change room neon lights.
i think about food all the time, what i am going to make for dinner? what is in season and what i could do with it? what kind of dish would i use to serve the jellied chilled soup i was planning?why do starches/proteins/sugar behave the way they do?
is it all very wonderfully obsessive but not all together healthy, especially for one's waistline (imagine my mothers voice saying the last part), i did have to drag myself away from a beautiful tart tatin dish by Emile Henry which wait for it.... now comes in aubergine just like the tagine!!!! I must have one, it even has the plate that you flip it onto (eeee!!!).

But i really do love cooking (not just the eating, if any of you are thinking that i am some gastronomically obese pig), but good food and the satisfaction that comes from making a beautiful meal for people- for example i made rack of lamb (a great sunday night basic) crusted up with caramelised onion which i deglazed with red wine vinegar, fresh rosemary and fresh toasted bread crumbs- only because a certain someone did not buy the rack with the lovely renderable fat on the outside- i served the crumbed lamb (think crispy on the outside and soft and tender, soft- almost mousse like on the inside with that lovely sweetness) with a tangy cranberry and orange reduction and some mashed Nikola potatoes which i roasted in the oven in their skins and then peeled hot and mashed with the introduction of butter, milk and fresh nutmeg (sounds weird but go with me on it) and some crunchy little lightly blanched french beans. i really love sunday night dinner

......that being said i probably should attempt some kind of diet.

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