Thursday, April 8, 2010

beginning post

right. so it has occurred to me that some thing was missing in my time wasting time table somewhere between megavideo, opening the fridge and staring at its contents and then closing the fridge and planing imaginary trips places. So.. here is a blog. Probably for absurdly no one to read or enjoy but regardless....

now i loath any sort of hi, this is me.. kind of first post idea so i will just tell you some thing useful to go do instead.

Recently, as in the last three days, i have made about five quiches all of which were ravenously consumed and loved by all eaters. So i though i would equip you with a quiche recipe so get this whole blog going.

Basically pick a filling, be it your basic lorraine ( bacon/ jambon, gryere) or a caramelised onion or something fancy like blue swimmer crab meat. Then go and make some nice flakey buttery pastry, or drive to your local deli and by a pre-made frozen short crust. Fit it to a quiche dish/tart tin/ baking dish and blind bake for a little bit.
-that means through it in a pretty hot over till it starts to cook so you pastry won't go all soggy when you pop the eggy goodness in.
Now, mix 6eggs (please use free range), 300ml of cream (or if you are weight conscious "light sour cream" but what is the point? just have half a slice of the real thing), had a cup of milk and season with salt and pepper.
Mix your "custard" up until all the proteins are combined, but please done whip the crap out of it or it will lose its yummy creamy-snotty texture. (thats right the word snotty was a good thing!)
Then chuck you chosen filling into the bottom of the pastry shell and ladle in the eggy custard mixture. And carefully put it back into an oven which you have turned down to about 160'c. Don't bother turning it off between the pastry just turn it down.

Wait for about 40mins to an hour, you will know when it is cooked because it has firmed up and if you are lucky souffl├ęd a little too. Poke it in the middle and there should be a definite hold with the mixture, think soft but not dry, just oozy not wet. Pull it out, letting it stand for about ten mins to firm up and then serve with a really simple salad or take it on a picnic or just stand in the kitchen with a fork and eat it right there.

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