Monday, April 12, 2010

right well...

so i have noticed that i had by some stroke of luck acquired two followers, which is nice.
so it has not been the best few days for me, but by all means it hasn't been the worst either. it all started on saturday night as i was leaving a cocktail party at the port office hotel after being disgusted by the very ordinary middle aged men that were allowed onto the second floor after 12. any-who i was walking towards the cab rank and got my beautiful high heel stuck in the old cobble stones that for some reason a badly informed 80's town planner must have thought looked good and i rolled my ankle. now this would not have been so bad escaping the fact that i attempted to catch myself with my other foot which also bore a high heel and managed to roll it as well but with all the combined force of that action. so my french martini lubricated brain found its self sitting on the ground about 5 meters from the cab rank at 12.30 on a saturday night. so, i would call having to pick yourself up off the ground and fall into a cab a pretty low point.
but away from highly embarrassing and painful events. right now i have gotten home from a long day at uni and have warmed up some pistachios in the oven so that they are all nice and toasty and am happily popping open each little salty sweet nutty kernel with contented pleasure.

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