Wednesday, April 28, 2010

university library/ i hate people day

i honestly believe that the university library is making be slowly more and more racist. i am normally not at all racist. but the longer i stay in the libraries at UQ the more hating towards other ethnicities and their ways i become. okay so it is mostly asians, please don't judge me...
a perfect example of this was when i was happily enjoying my assignment writing time in peace on a lovely big table all to my self- books all spread out and feeling nice and productive- all of a sudden a massive group of international students came over- thats cool don't even bother asking wether you can sit at MY table!!!!!- plonked them selves down and started talking!!!!!!
this is totally not on!!! my table, my library (they were studying stupid maths in the political science library) and they where talking!!!-

in first year i was polite and silently cursed them in my head hoping that they would just f-off, i am now way past that stage and have moved onto the glaring at them hoping they will die stage. i am very concerned what i will do next if it happens again, or even if the person who is currently sitting next to me does not stop sniffling- as i refuse to abandon my study spot.

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