Sunday, May 30, 2010

double down and doe see doe

this is probably the most revolting thing i have ever seen. the good (chicken torturing) folks over at KFC simply decided to forgo the bun and make a sandwich with two pieces of fried chicken. honestly there has to be something really wrong with you to invent something that goes- fried chicken, mayonnaise, some type of cheese, bacon, bacon, another type of cheese more mayonnaise, fried chicken- and then name it the "the double down".


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

je voudrais..

I would like a restaurant.
I was thinking about this in the library yesterday when my brain simply refused to do anymore thinking.
if i had a restaurant it was be a two parter, like vue de monde and bistro vue.
i would call it EAT (that would be the pretences gastro-science restaurant) and then "The Bald Lemon Bar and Bistro" for the fun cheaper and pretty young things version.
Pure smooth, unrealistic fanciful genius n'est pas?

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Foals - Balloons

here we, here we, here we fucking go.

sorry about the naughty expletive in the title blog followers, but i am sure you agree it is indeed necessary.
right, so haven't written anything for a little time as i have been extremely occupied with making sure that my well imagined famous, successful does not turn into a smouldering pile of unachieving poo- a more creative way oftelling you that i have been writing assignments and spending vast amounts of time in the library next to people who i care very little about.
this entry is not about food. shock and silence follows.
no, but i felt that i needed to post something as all of my 5 followers - who most probably follow out of friendly obligation, rather than any real interest in my posts - would be disheartened due to abandonment.
today i re-newed my love for foals. no not the small young horse, but the brit band that takes probably alot of drugs and makes well good tunes. so here is one of my favourites, enjoy blog world.
-- due to my own incompetence it will appear in the post previous

also watched fight club, ate home make pepperoni pizza and smoked inside my house last night which was a nice post-assignment treat.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

i have the urge...

Suddenly today i have this crazy urge to go and get myself a tattoo. i think that a knife and fork would be completely perfect, and it is not like my love of cooking and food is "just another phase" it is a part of my identity. this image makes me what to jump up and run to the nearest tattoo parlour!

Just imagine them together and not freshly done.