Sunday, June 6, 2010

oh caffeine, elixir of my heart.

so i have a bit of a problem. its okay i can admit it. i am addicted to caffeine, have been for about two years. Today as i walked aimlessly around my kitchen, avoiding reading yet another source about NGO's and landmines and finally settling for a can of monster low carb from my fridge (probably the most gut fucking of all the energy drinks on the market) instead of long black number 3 for today it really struck me.
yes, i know that i am probably not doing my body much of a favour but to be honest i think that it likes it just as much as i do.
On average i have come to drink about 2-6 coffees a day depending on where i am and how much of the ol'cashola i have on me. at work i would have about 4: one before work, one at 11, one at 2 and one on my way home- but this was mostly out of boredom. University is much worse as merlos is right next door to my usual library haunt, and there long blacks are so nice and tasty.
This amount of energy bouncing around my system may explain my occasional psychotic instances or why i sometimes feel like i am getting weirder every time i try to talk to the front desk ladies at the political sciences building.