Wednesday, September 15, 2010

going the whole hog

I recently saw a really interesting interview with a chef in new york who works predominantly with offal. " eww gross offal! thats all the guts and stuff!" i hear you say. But in reality offal is wonderful and has previously been over looked and completely undervalued. Only the Italians and the chinese really do it justice in everyday cooking, well until now. There is an underground offal resurgence making its way to upscale restaurants as you read this.

The chef made a really important point about whole animal ethic. That is, that if you are willing to have an animal slaughtered so you can eat it, you had better shut up and eat all of it. Imagine a little lamb. Well you know the lamb sunday roast you ate? Half of that little lamb got chucked away because no-one would buy it. What a total waste of a beast's life, only being half used.So dear followers, if there are any of you still out there. Why not give pigs trotters, or these venetian calf's livers and onions a try?