Thursday, October 14, 2010

get roasting

a recent craze in my house has been for nuts,. preferably of the fatty kind. sometime they just taste better when there is a little bit of guilt involved. anyway, plain nuts are really only fun for a couple of days and if like myself you have decided to by a large packet of them, purely because you refuse to be swindled by the nut making company into paying for their tiny bags of nuts, then you are probably stuck with a large jar of almonds/walnuts/what ever you like in your pantry which you have lost interest in. There is a oh so simple and oh so delicious solution to your predicament. just roast them!

here is the basics of it. nuts contain large amount of oil - this is good oil, please don't freak out-, now when you roast your nuts the oil causes the nuts to heat up and the composition changes. this in turn makes the flavour (much deeper and sometimes sweeter) to change and in most cases also makes them crunchier. this in itself is all well and good, but still boring. so i recommend you flavour them up a little.

first. start heating them up so the oils can get working. in a big pan melt a chunk of butter. when it is frothing add your nuts and toss/stir them. now keep moving the pan around so that all of your chosen nuts can get nicely coated. Now let them go for about 5 minutes moving them occasionally so that they don't burn.

second. chose your flavour. sweet or savoury? really there is not limit. for the walnuts they are coated in brown sugar and a little salt. but really some brown sugar and rosemary would have been even better. the only reason i didn't use it is because my rosemary bush died because i am a horrible gardner. add you desired flavouring and it should mix in with any left over butter. at this point turn your heat down, especially if you are using sugar, because you don't want what ever you added to stick to your pan or burn. then like before mix it all in to your nuts. this step really doesn't take long at all so don't go anywhere at this point.

third. tip your nuts onto a pan or large plate. they will be hot so it is generally a good idea to resist the urge to eat them other wise you will have a matching burnt spot to mine stuck on the roof of your mouth. let them cool for about 10-15 mins and then you can go at it like summer isn't coming up and you don't have to fit into your bikini. the coating from what ever flavour you added will also harden up and stick to your nuts a little bit better once they are cooler.

these little crunchy pieces of joy should last for about a week in a container in your panty. but realistically you will probably finish them off long before that.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Snickers Halloween Grocery Store Lady

I have to congratulate snickers for creating a really great add. They have moved stealthy from funny to genuinely creepy advertising. The best line would have to be "I'm only trying to help... snickers!" as she grabs the trolley.

Watching this won't make me want to buy snickers, not participate in halloween, but i does make me want to shovel bags of chocolate into someone else's trolly next time I am at the supermarket.