Monday, February 28, 2011

and...we're back

Right so another year, new layout, slightly new title and lots of tasty, informative and hopefully enjoyable posts comin' at ya. This week heralds the start of whats is for many of us a new academic year.  So not only do you have another month or two of weather so hot that your skin audibly crackles in the heat but also lots of fun new learning, assignments, late night library time and mature aged students.

But fear not dear readers as Don't Stay Hungry will be supplying you with your regular dose of recipes, reviews, rants and there may even be some sneaky travel shots thrown in. As suggested I will attempt to fairly regularly post some quick cheap but oh so tasty, student friendly meals so liven your studious days of knowledge fossicking. So keep checking back, and enjoy the rest of your week. 

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