Thursday, March 3, 2011

eat your greens

Welcome back to the first of a thirteen week slog which is semester 1. Not only has your delicate student 11am sleep ritual been cast away, but now you are forced to deal with first years, group assignments, trying to solve the enigma which is installing eduroam and of course the tropical heat and humidity. 

Don't sweat it! -figuratively that is- we all know that there is not enough rexona in the world to do that right now. Lucky for you I have a couple of excellent little salady gems waiting in the wings to cure your heatwave induced hunger. Not only are you doing your summer figure a favour but also indulging in something which will leave you feeling a great deal better inside and out than those hot chips or that nasty processed chicken thing you were looking at before ever will. They also keep pretty well so not only do you have a wonderful dinner but a lunch that will out perform any tuna and crackers. 

Salad 1: Broccoli and Bacon 

Broccoli is in abundance at the moment and it is a great little all season performer. At some point the bane of every 3 year olds dinner experience it is actually fantastic and its little florets soak up any tasty sauce you throw at it. Oh and not to mention that it is jam packed with vitamin C, iron and folic acid. 

- two medium bunches of broccoli and cut into smaller "mini trees"
- 200g of bacon 
- 100ml of greek yoghurt
- the juice of half a lemon 
- salt, pepper
- a handful of either toasted pine nuts or slivered almonds 

In a pot of salted water which has come to a rolling boil put in your broccoli trees. When they have become bright green and the stems slightly softer (about 2-3mins) pull them out and plunge them into an ice bath to stop them cooking. 

Cook the bacon till crisp then allow to dry on some kitchen paper then either crumble or slice into strips.

In a bowl mix the greek yoghurt with the lemon juice and season to taste. 

Then drain the broccoli and mix in the ingredients till nicely combined, seasoning again if needed. 

And there you have it, one super easy very healthy salad. Really your only challenge now is not picking out all the bacon before you put it on the table. 

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