Tuesday, September 6, 2011

The Sandwich Hall of Shame

I have only recently rekindled my relationship with sandwiches after a 3 year post school hiatus. Too many poorly made squishy, warm lunch time letdowns almost completely turned me off turned me off them for life. The lovely people at Chow.com, one of the better food sites, put out a brilliant photo story on classic sandwich offenders. Here are some of my favorites. Two of which I made an appearance at the SS&H library today.

The Club Sandwich: decreases appetite and enhances sebum production. The only club you will be joining will be "pro-active".

The Cafeteria Egg Salad Sandwich : There needs to be an international convention on odorous lunch goods ie egg, tuna or anything which permeates libraries/offices.

The "healthy" chicken breast sandwich: Stop lying to yourself. 1 you will not enjoy this 2. because you didn't enjoy/ end up eating your train-wreck on bread you will eat junk in the afternoon 3. I am pretty sure that is not even "chicken"

The great big ball of meat: Boys, even though this is full of protein, and you totally need this because you are going to hit the gym later trust me this is not the way to get it. Again, this is not actually meat. Also there is an 80% chance that on your first bite the contents of your "man-which" will fall into your lap.

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