Sunday, October 30, 2011

Recipe: Pink Lemonade

I have spent the month of October completely sober. It has been part of a month long health kick in which I have cut out sugars, caffeine, alcohol and carbs. Not drinking hasn't been as difficult as I predicted. Especially as for two of the four weekends I was elbows deep in university assignments, and not being hungover on a saturday or sunday has provided an extra level of productivity to my weekends.

All October long I have had to find other nice things to drink with my family and friends so that I am not a teetotaling debbie downer. Soda water has become a necessity, because really bubbles make almost anything better. Lime and sodas are fun until a point, however by the third week I really needed to branch out. This is where pink lemonade comes into it.

It is super cute, refreshing and reminds me of the weekend treats of my childhood. It is also incredibly easy to make.

1tbs of caster sugar (optional)
4/5 lemons juiced
1 small tin of passion fruit (or two fresh passion fruits)
1.5 lt of soda water
pink food dye

In a large jug add the sugar and lemon juice, stir until sugar dissolves. Strain the passion fruit so that you are left only with the juice, using the back of a spoon push the remaining pulp through the sieve so that you don't waste too much. Pour in the soda water. Then very carefully add just a few drops of the food dye, a little goes a long way when it come to this stuff, and give it one final stir. Refrigerate until you want to drink it. Serve over ice.

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