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Review: Tuckeria

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Better Mexican is on the rise in Australia. Well when I say better Mexican I mean a step up from Montezuma's. However, Brisbane still has a long way to go until we get something anywhere near Melbourne's Mamasita's, but it is certainly an improvement from yesteryear's Coffee Club nachos.

Along with Guzman y Gomez, Tuckeria is one of the cheap, casual mission style taco/burrito joints which are popping up almost anywhere that people and alcohol can be found. After extensive research, mostly into taco and burrito quality, conducted by myself, my boyfriend and a handful of good friends Tuckeria was unanimously voted to be the best of the hip mexican establishments.

While there really isn't much in the way of atmosphere, you semi share tables with Grill'd next door, and they could probably look into better lighting options - the quality of food surpasses its swankier and larger cousin GyG over in the Emporium. The service is also informal but friendly and very patient when towards customers who take 20 minutes to sort our their burrito order (you know who you are).

So why so good?
Firstly they have hit the mark between price and quality and the ability to customise. See their menu here
Your basic burrito is around $11 and can be filled with:
- Carne Asada (grilled marinated strips of steak)
- Estofado de Carne (tender slow cooked beef)
- Pollo Asado (grilled marinated chicken)
- Carnitas ( slow cooked pulled pork)
- Chorizo ( a much milder version than the spanish version)
- Camarones (grilled marinated prawns with lime)
Plus, the usual additions of rice, beans, salady items and salsa.
If you are more interested in tacos. A pair of soft or hard tacos (made with white corn- thats right old el paso, at least some people do it properly) filled with the same fillings, salsa and lettuce comes in at $9.
They also offer Nachos in a few forms, Quesadillas, Enchiladas, Flautas and Tostadas (both I highly recommend) all between the $9-11 price point.
The price does climb once you start adding your guac, sour cream, special salsa (eg Pico del Gallo salsa) and extra meat or cheeses however if you like you Mexican a certain way they are always happy to oblige. There are also vegetarian and vegan options.

Salsa picante is always on the table if you want to turn up the heat/ sneak some into one of your friends taco for a special surprise.

Secondly the food. If you are going to Tuckeria for the first time, just get a burrito.
The tortilla wrapper is deliciously soft and thin and the filling is very generous. The meat ( I usually order pork) is moist and compliments the addition of beans (pinto/ black beans), mexican rice and salsa. Add what you like, I would suggest onion and coriander as well as a fewJalapenos and maybe some corn for sweetness.

Their burritos are incredibly filling, and I would consider them a joint lunch/dinner. However if you are seriously hungry/ hungover the hand cut tortilla chips (which are used in the nachos) with some guac would also go down a treat.
The mexican sodas are also worth trying just for the novelty. I really like the tamarind Jarritos.

I have noticed that they do a breakfast menu, as of yet I have not tried it. It does look like a pretty fantastic Sunday brunch option if Saturday night was a big one.

Forget the sombreros, maracas and poncho. Instead opt for an empty stomach and some good friends. Tuckeria is finally providing Brisbane with some decent, fun and casual mexican.

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