Sunday, May 13, 2012

Food Sites I Love: Cook Suck

 The creator of this "meal" has titled it "best girl friend ever"- somehow I doubt this

A month or so ago I stumbling around the internet looking of ways to avoid working on my thesis when I found Cook Suck. 

This bitchy and hilarious gem describes itself as "Reviews of meals that people upload on their Facebook or blog and are proud of for some reason". 

Essentially it is posts of poorly made foods accompanied by cutting remarks about both the food and their creators. Sounds mean? It is.

But really, we all have that friends who loves to post their "yummy dinner", "man feasts" or their endless batches of over iced cupcakes to Facebook - Cook Suck simply provides commentary in a far more entertaining fashion than I could articulate on how bad these photos really are.  

I guess my only problem with this website is that one day someone will submit one of my dishes to it… 

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