Thursday, December 20, 2012


I fear that I may have become a coffee hipster. After getting an BArts last year and completing my honours this year, I suppose it really was just a matter of time.

I find myself looking online for cold drip siphons, wondering if I need one. Frighteningly, my own feed back has pointed to yes, that purchasing one is totally rational and that I would definitely use it. I don't need kitchen bench space when I could have cold drip.

I find myself extolling the virtues of pour over coffee to anyone who listens. On my pre-Christmas regime I was limited on one cup of coffee a day, so it had to be really good. I now go to Campos for their sharper darker tanniny, cold drip,  Jamie's for a smoother doppio and then Bunker if I happen to be nearby.

During semester Saint Lucy's knew that myself and my friend took out macchiato short and long respectively  However I am now done with milk.

At home I now grind my fresh beans with and antique coffee mill which my grandmother left me, its about the ritual and experience. Especially when you only get one coffee a day. I think I will get one of those Aerocoffee things. Or maybe, now that uni is over I just have too much time on my hands.

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